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Lonely Boat

Sailing into 2024

2024 is Here

We’ve stuffed ourselves with great food and goodies and spent time with loved ones. Recharging body, mind and soul is essential for the year 2024. Everyone of us has his or her own way to connect with what is important and meaningful. It may be through church, family, nature, art, etc. Whatever your way, make it a regular part of your life so that you can be centered throughout this upcoming year.


There are many predictions of what is to come but keeping your priorities clear, centered, and focused will be necessary regardless of how the year progresses. This year create close community connections and build relationships. I am hopeful this country will regain common sense but perhaps things will degrade further. In either case, we must each step up in our own unique way to make these next months as smooth and productive as possible.


San Diego North County Neighbors’ Alliance will be providing ways for you to civically engage that meet you at your capabilities. This could be writing letters, sending emails, helping to stuff envelopes, reviewing recorded public meetings, attending meetings, speaking at meetings, submitting articles or information on a topic, making phone calls, texting, door knocking, helping on special projects, and much more. There is something that everyone can do, no matter how big or how small. We will do our best to find the right fit for you. Ideas you have are always welcomed.


As this is an election year and an opportunity to vote in true leaders.  Good candidates need our support. It will take all of us to right the ship USA. Together, we can navigate into a better and brighter 2024.

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