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Because voter fraud sucks -

and no election should fall under doubt...   

New Way to Vote 

In San Diego County you can now vote without an envelope at voting locations.   But this is not openly disclosed disenfranchising seniors and others.  Mail ballots were sent out with a cover letter where the SD Registrar of Voters lists every vote option EXCEPT that you can cast your mailed ballot without the security envelope at in person voting locations.  The State voter guide did not mention the vote option per CA State Law AB 626.

Disenfranchised voters do not know that the mail ballot without envelope can be an in person paper ballot

Many voters, notably Senior Citizens who have for decades voted in person thru paper ballots, are disenfranchised from voting. Some voters prefer the older paper ballot and NOT a provisional ballot.  They are not informed of the mail ballot no envelope option. During the last election cycle Voters were NOT informed by the mail-out voter guides that they have an option per state law of using their Mail Ballot NO ENVELOPE as an In Person Paper Ballot at Vote Centers.

When inquiring the Registrar of Voters prior to to the previous election as to why voters were not informed of all vote options the response was "it is too late to include in the paper guides sent out." 

According to SD County Website "Carry in the official ballot you received in the mail, check in at the vote center, sign the electronic roster, and cast your official ballot free of its security return envelope"

In plain English, your Mail Ballot NO ENVELOPE becomes and In Person Paper Ballot with INSTANT SIGNATURE CERTIFIED by signing the tablet at the Vote Center Official Ballot Box (not drop box). Why is this not stated for clarity to voters?   It's up to us to share.


  • Use your mailed ballot to vote in person at the polls.

  • Use a BLUE ball point pen to mark your ballot (markers provided have a high rate of not being able to be read by the machines)


All Americans, regardless of political affiliation, have the right to know that their votes are accurately counted and protected.

If history has taught us anything, it is that voting can be rigged. And yes, in this day and age, voter fraud is still "a thing," as the fine folks of Lodi County recently discovered… 


The 2020 election came under scrutiny once officials realized that the number of ballots cast surpassed the number of registered voters. As expected, the number of registered voters far exceeded the number of occupants per household. Once electoral fraud was exposed, heads started to roll.  City councilmember Shakir Khan was arrested, following allegations that: “23 people were registered to vote at Shakir Khan's home, 47 others were registered to vote at other addresses but used Khan's email or phone number.”


​As long as the legitimacy of elections are in doubt, our country will be divided. 


We can put this issue to rest before our next election.  To do so, we've partnered with Citizens for San Diego Voter Integrity, a grassroots non-partisan group of Californians canvassing their area to uncover voter fraud. Once this audit is completed, we'll be able to determine which, if any, North County electoral rolls need updating/correcting.










If you can help, please let us know. All training and materials will be provided. 

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