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Vaccine injuries are skyrocketing.  Fatigue, heart problems, loss of mental acuity, allergies, immune system weakness, and more. You're not alone. 

Here's the Scoop...

December 29, 2023

Since the 2020 medical fiasco, many people are questioning not only the Covid “vaccine” but other vaccines as well. No vaccine has ever undergone proper clinical trials. This has been verified in court. Many doctors are now attributing the perceived “success” of earlier vaccines to improvements in living conditions such as cleaner water, less food contamination and medical hand washing intervention in combination with the natural life cycle, weakening, and extinction of epidemic infections.


Over the past 4 years, the vaccine injured have been mocked, shamed and dismissed by most medical professionals and society in general. Since the roll out of the gene therapy Covid program, misleadingly called a “vaccine”, not only the data but the empirical evidence is undeniable to those that are objective. The injection did not prevent or provide protection from infection and caused monumental harm.  In the past, unintended consequences of vaccines have included autism, Guillain-Barre, immune suppression, asthma, etc. The Covid injections have surpassed any damage level that any good person could have ever imagined. Pfizer Covid vaccine trial documents revealed a list of over 1100 known adverse events with heart conditions, neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases topping the list. So far, about 7% of people who received the injection have had negative consequences.


If you or someone you know is one of the millions of people who have experienced negative effects from any vaccine, there is hope. Doctors and health practitioners have protocols to alleviate or mitigate the side effects. Unfortunately, the emotional and mental stress to the vaccine injured is often neglected. Thank goodness for Jana Bruun. She founded WeCareForYou99, the Vaccine Injury Support Group. This support group is more important now than ever before.


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Jana became interested in the vaccine industry after her son was diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes in high school after having complied to the vaccine requirements to remain in the public school system in California. Then, in 2022, her mother passed away suddenly after having had 5 Pfizer Covid vaccines (in less than 2 years) which were required in her assisted living community. As Jana began researching her mom's medical records and asking questions, she started talking to other people who had taken the shots and were experiencing adverse reactions. These people were desperate for a connection with others who were experiencing similar issues yet there was nothing in the area. That is how WeCareForYou99 was founded and is now offer in-person meetings, Zoom call meetings, and email and phone support. Everything is offered free of charge and new chapters of this support group will be opening up nationwide in 2024. The goal is to get people together to share stories and experiences and maybe share things that have helped them to find some relief from negative symptoms. When we work together, anything is possible.


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