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We are living in rapidly changing times.   

Every day I'm amazed about new shenanigans that our government bureaucrats are are concocting.  In the San Diego North County Neighbors' Alliance group, we strive to be informed about what goes on locally as well as in California. 

If you know ways for people to get involved, please let the group know.  So many are frustrated with the current government administration and feel there is no way to have meaningful impact.  We hope to change that.  By working together locally, staying in the loop and persistently implementing a wide range of actions, we will turn this mess around and get North County back on track to being the beautiful, prosperous independent place it can be.

So much goes on every day it's hard to keep up.  Join us on Nextdoor and keep each other up to date on interesting events and politics that you hear about.  Moving our fingers and feet and working together is what will turn the tide in our favor.

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How to Join Nextdoor


You'll see our Nextdoor group.  Press Request to join. 

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