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Election Day

Why Primaries Matter 
Get out and Vote.  If you don’t, we lose.

Central Committee is Why

March 5th is the Primary Election. There are two big reasons to go vote:


1) California has Jungle Primaries. The two candidates who receive the most votes will be in the November election, even if they are both Democrats. There is no guarantee there will be candidates from both parties. Your vote will matter.


2) You will be selecting Central Committee members. The Primary is the ONLY ELECTION for Central Committee. Very few people understand the importance of these seats.


Most political parties have Central Committees. The Central Committee endorses candidates so it’s their job to decide who will best represent us locally and who can win.


Central Committee is where politicians are chosen and it is responsible for fostering strong candidates who will represent Republican values. This includes not only endorsing but supporting good politicians through education, training and follow through. A good Central Committee means strong leaders and strong candidates. We must stand together and support all the good that is being Republican.

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In San Diego County Republican Central Committee regions are identical to the County Supervisor Districts. Oceanside is in County Supervisor District 5 which includes Bonsall, Fallbrook, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido all the way out to Borrego Springs. Carlsbad is in Supervisors District 3.


Our current local Central Committee leadership is politically weak. The Republican brand has been not been defended while Republicans sit quietly and fail to criticize the Democrat brand. In this upcoming 2024 election in San Diego County there are over 45 Democrat candidates running unopposed where the only candidate is a Democrat. Republicans are missing in action and so is our Central Committee.


Central Committee candidates that align with us have a backbone and follow through. They will better vet candidates and remove the dead weight. They will assist excellent candidates to be successful and make the needed changes in our government.


Local politicians can eventually end up in Washington DC. People complain about DC politicians, but all begin with local positions. Don’t underestimate the importance of these local offices. It is the Central Committee’s duty to select candidates who represent the Republican values of common sense, family, law and order, empowerment, fiscal responsibility and transparency, self determination and a moral compass that guides daily life.


We need effective fighters, not nice guys. The past four years makes that point clear. We need strong candidates and strong leaders. This starts with a strong Central Committee.


These District 5 candidates Beth Barnum, Michael Cicerone, Susan Custer, Corey Gustafson, Rose "Rosie" Higuera, Richard Newton, Lis Phillips agree we need excellent, effective leadership that is ready to tackle the challenges to revitalize the Republican brand of family, fiscal responsibility, transparency, opportunity, and common sense. 

District 3 candidates who support our values are Michael Allman, Richard Baily, Summer Boger, Brad Gerbel, Zack Gianino, Paul Hannosh, Patti Hopkins, Brita Lindstrom, Jake Peek, and Frank Xu.

PoliticsEither you have a seat at the table or you're on the menu.

Go Vote Flyers


MICHAEL ALLMAN - San Dieguito Union High School Board TTEE

“I can be tough. I tell it like it is, and not everyone is going to like it.” Committed to improving locally with a focus on improved governance, transparency, and accountability and encourages active civic involvement in local governance. 

RICHARD BAILEY - Mayor of Coronado


When we look at the problems facing California: high crime, homelessness, failing schools, and a terrible business climate, many of these issues were created by bad policy in Sacramento. Supporting local and state candidates that are committed to bringing common sense back to California is the best way to make a difference.

SUMMER BOGER - CA Pres. Eagle Forum

Recipient of two Public Education Awards of Recognition from Senator Joel Anderson for her “outstanding service and unyielding dedication to educating the public about important issues that affect overall health and wellbeing of families and students in San Diego.” 

ZACK GIANINO - San Diego Young Republicans


 Zack holds a passion for breaking negative stereotypes and expanding Republicanism in the 21st-Century to communities that “Just don’t know they’re Republican”. 



I believe like 90 percent of Americans that Congress is not working in our interest.  There is too much money corrupting our system. Our politicians and our political system should put Americans first. I am willing to take on the establishment  in order to restore power back to the people.

FRANK XU - San Diego Asian Americans for Equality

I believe that the diverse communities of California can come together for our shared future and human betterment. We can continue to build better communities, better schools, and better connectedness.



VOTE MARCH 5, 2024

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