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Climate Protest


A three pronged approach to salvation


Make no mistake, our planet is ill. Unfortunately, the environmentalist movement has been commandeered by people and institutions that don't value nature or our fragile ecosystems.

Forests are cut for solar farms. Landscapes are sacrificed to pit mines to extract lithium, cobalt, silver, rare Earths, etc. for decarbonization. The sustainability industry has become a juggernaut.

All is not lost. There are ways to regenerate a world that's vibrant with life:

Regenerate and Restore Life

Regenerative farming and ranching, agroforestry, marine preserves, dam removal and water retention landscapes are just some of the ways to restore life where it has been depleted and stabilize the climate.  When we simply wipe out green landscapes and replace them with rock (as we do so often in Southern California), we diminish the living ecosystems for birds, wildlife and temperature moderation.

Protect Remaining Intact Ecosystems

Listen to the experts that appreciate the fragility of our ecosystems and elect legislators that are committed to preserving them. The few remaining intact organs of Earth are its reservoirs of biodiversity and its memory of health. "Environmentalists" should be more motivated by their desire to protect nature than their need to financially benefit from some special interests.


Detoxification is Vital

A lot of forest death and insect collapse is due to the prevalence of herbicides, pesticides, toxic waste and other pollutants in the environment. 

Dioxins, PFAS, antibiotics, pharmaceutical residues and agricultural chemicals contaminate every ecosystem on Earth, every animal, every cell.  They are detectable even in Antarctica.

Add to these the aerial spraying of aluminum and other particles in geoengineering experiments, causing elevated levels of aluminum in places remote from any industrial source.


Seeing the Earth as a living being is the first step to becoming whole again.

Image by Dan Meyers
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