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Pay with Cash - Stay Free

Importance of CASH

February 1, 2024

There's plenty of talk about slowing replacing cash with a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).  Governments and bankers state this is to provide equitable financial access to all.  Implanted microchips have been discussed by globalists as a way to accomplish this.  Microchips are already being used in the US and other countries for things like medical data tracking or for employees to purchase snacks at company vending machines. 

The down side, and it is a big one, is that government and financial institutions will have complete control over every transaction you make.  If someone were to say or do something that the leaders deem controversial, your account could be shut down.  We've already seen this happen when Canadian Truckers and protesters bank accounts were shut down.  This has also happened to many Americans who question the government narrative. 

Likewise, the CBDC system is ripe to implement rationing on certain purchases as absolutely every transaction is digitally tracked and traced.  For example, with the new push to eliminate meat from the American diet, perhaps you would be allowed one pound of meat per month as was done in China during the 1960's Cultural Revolution.  After you reached your quota, you could no longer purchase meat.

Paying cash as often as you can will make it difficult for CBDC to take over.  Yes, cash can be inconvenient compared to a credit card.  But, since credit card companies are now sharing information with government agencies, Big Brother will know all your habits and preferences.  This means no privacy.  You won't even be able to give your children mad money without is being tracked.

With a little extra planning and effort, use cash as often as possible to keep privacy and freedom of choice alive.  This simple act will change the course of our future.

How to Fight Big Banks’ Plan to Digitize the Global Economy

Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of HUD and investment banker, tells James Corbett on “The Corbett Report” that one way to fight the “Going Direct Reset” — a sinister plan to take down the economy and reengineer the financial system — is to keep cash floating through the system.

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