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Immigration Woes

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February 9, 2024

At the Border Testimony

Since 2021, immigration laws have been ignored and we’ve rolled out the red carpet.  Immigration numbers are at their highest ever. According to law enforcement, asylum seekers are coming in unvetted and funded by our tax dollars. Our money is given to NGO’s and non-profits either directly or via the United Nations to house, feed, clothe, and transport migrants throughout the country as well as to bring them here from their homeland.


When a country ceases to have borders that are upheld by laws, we have no border. Borders define where a country begins and ends. As such, we are no longer a country.

In September, October and November 2023, San Diego County alone aided over 75,000 immigrants and funded services to the tune of $3,000,000 with San Diego County tax money. At a recent San Diego County Board of Supervisors’ meeting, many non-profit organizations were wondering where the funds went. To date, there is still no accounting of this funding.


Who's coming into our country varies widely. The majority are single men, which is not unexpected. Some come here due to poor homeland economy, Cartel influence and fear, or the desperation of not finding a way forward to rise out of their culture. It’s easier for single men to gain employment, start a new life here or send funds to their homeland. Legitimate people are coming here to seek a better life but they are being lied to as to reasons and about what is being offered. It’s not that they shouldn’t be here were they to apply, rather they are coming here to seek an easier life while being promised free everything. Some are told that the US government will provide them with all they need and are victims of US propaganda just as many of us have been over the decades. Others come here with nefarious motives.

Within and around immigration is a major problem, the Cartels. Cartels infiltrate, guide and move terrorists around the world and want to do harm. People come here from China, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America. The immigration pipeline is being used to traffic children and adults, bring in cartel members and terrorists, and import weapons and drugs.

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There are four reasons why this level of immigration is being pushed.


  1.  As our US population is having unprecedented death and disability rates and low birth rates, we need workers to do jobs that are now vacant and to keep the system afloat

  2. As Democrats push voting for all residents, not just citizens, they are hoping immigrants vote democrat

  3. The big business for trafficked children and adults for pleasure, work or products, and bringing in drugs and weapons

  4. The tremendous amounts of money that is grafted through contracts and made by contractors, NGO’s and non-profits


So what do we do? Somewhere between 6,000,000 and 22,000,000 people have come into the US since the current Democrat administration came into office.

Should welcome and embrace illegal immigrants into our way of life? Can we help them to see what the United States of America is really about? Can we educate them on the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Teach them the difference between a Democracy (universal equality with majority voted rulers who have absolute power to make whatever laws they please) and a Constitutional Republic (individual liberty with majority voted rulers who are restricted by the Constitution). Can we educate them on how democracies throughout history always eventually lead to tyranny, similar to the countries they've fled and educate them about freedom and independence?

The democrat party must realign its loyalty to America above any partisan maneuver that sells out our country.  As long as people continue to participate in this scheme and do not have the moral courage to just say no, the perpetrators and traitors will continue on their path.

History shows that immigration without assimilation is an invasion which leads to national collapse.  We must secure our borders eand enact policies that protect our country. 


What we offer here is HOPE - to take this hope back home.


We must separate those coming here with goodwill in their hearts from those that would do us harm. Criminals need to be returned immediately.  Others are coming here under misguided rules. They need to be informed of the rules and held accountable to the rules which means returning to their 

homeland.  Meanwhile, we can help them understand the gift of America so they can take hope back home.  


Right now, we are a country without borders and without sovereignty.  Media propaganda has denied that there has been any influx of immigration until the past few weeks.  Most of the public continues to be fooled and doesn't ask for accountability. Let's flip the script, regain our sovereignty and have each and everyone of us become liberty personified. 

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