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Speaking at SD County

How to speak at a San Diego County Board of Supervisors' Meeting

In Person

The Board of Supervisors meetings are held at the County Administration Center, 1600 Pacific Highway, Room 310, San Diego, CA 92101. A regular Board meeting is held Tuesdays at 9 a.m. and Wednesdays at 9 a.m. every other week. The Wednesday meeting is a Planning and Land Use meeting.

Check the Board of Supervisors Meeting calendar for the date and time of the next meeting.   

PARKING: There is FREE parking (3 hour limit) in the parking garage on West Ash St. (south side of the building). 

DIRECTIONS: The stairs inside the garage lead you to the park above.  Walk on the wide path toward the building and you will see the South entrance near the small deli/cafe.  The public is only allowed to use this entrance.  After going through security, go to the middle of the building where there are stairs and elevator.  Go to the 3rd floor and go to the North side of the building. 

Submit a Request to Speak Form

You will need to fill out a Request to Speak form BEFORE the agenda item starts. Those can be found in a plastic container on the wall.  Go to the door on the left side of the hallway and give the slip to the Clerk.

Select Agenda Item or item(s) you want to comment on. Read the Agenda for the meeting beforehand.

Note: Check if the item(s) are placed under the Consent Agenda (where multiple agenda items are grouped together to vote on all at once). If so, you may only speak once for all items on the consent calendar. When you fill out your Request to Speak form for the Consent Calendar, list each item you wish to discuss on the item line.

You may in addition select Non-Agenda Public Comment where you can talk about whatever you would like to. They call on the first 5-10 people and the rest have to wait to speak until the end of the meeting. If you want to try to be 1 of the first 5 people, plan to arrive at 8 am so that you have time to park, enter the County Administration building and fill out the Request to Speak form way in advance.  

For more information about In Person attendance at the meetings, go to the San Diego County website Board of Supervisors Meeting Information

By Phone

Step 1: Check the Board of Supervisors Meeting calendar for the date and time of the next meeting.

Read the Agenda for the meeting

Step 2: By phone: Fill out a Request to Speak form. The online form must be submitted before the meeting starts. 

Select Agenda Item the item you want to comment on. Fill out a separate online request for each item.

You may in addition select Non-Agenda Public Comment where you can talk about whatever you would like to. They call on the first 5-10 people and the rest have to wait to speak until the end of the meeting. 

Step 3: Watch the Meeting Online:

Web Stream with Agenda

Vimeo Livestream

County YouTube Channel

Facebook Live


Cox Ch. 24 or Ch. 19, Spectrum Ch. 24 or Ch. 85

or Listen via Phone to a live, listen-only feed at (619) 531-4716.

Step 4: Call the meeting

When they begin to discuss the agenda item you want to comment on, call the number you received from the county via email and turn off your TV or live stream. You will hear a recording asking you to state your name and item # you want to comment on. You’ll continue to hear the Board meeting after calling in. 

Step 5: Make your Comment  When it is time for public comments on the item, the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors staff will unmute callers one at a time. When it is time for you to speak, state your name and begin your comments. If you miss your turn the Clerk will return to your call later.

Step 6: Don’t have time to call? Or, in addition to calling or being there in person:

Submit an eComment. Must be received by 9am day of meeting:

The clerk announces at the meeting the # comments that were submitted for and against an item.

Step 7: Subscribe to County Board Of Supervisor Agenda updates to receive their agendas and updates to agendas.

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