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HPV Vaccine

Who's benefitting from Gardasil Vaccine legislation for school children?  Is it safe and effective?

 What you're not being told

New state legislation is proposed that effects our children. It is AB 659, The Cancer Prevention Act. While this sounds wonderful let’s look at what it really means.


Almost every piece of legislation is recommended by corporate interests, lobbied by corporate interests, and often authored by corporate writers. Even scientific articles are written in conjunction with advertising professionals at pharmaceutical companies. The messaging is financially controlled. These public private partnerships that are involved in the educational system often negatively effect children.


California AB 659 is an example of corporate interests working with the government. This bill initially required students 12+ years and older to receive the Gardasil HPV Vaccine as well as other vaccines being produced to attend school. The pretext for requiring this vaccine is to prevent cervical, penile, anal, and throat cancers. However, in the clinical trials there was no evidence that this vaccine prevented cancer and in fact there is some evidence it could increase cancer risk.


Prior to the Gardasil vaccine, cervical cancer deaths were 12 per 100K. After the vaccine, cervical cancer death rates doubled, the absolute opposite of the desired effect. Recommending this to girls and boys with negative effectiveness for girls and no evidence of efficacy for boys is a travesty.


Prior to the Covid injection, Gardasil had the most severe and numerous documented side effects of any vaccine. After 10 years of being on the market, the data show there are 2,300 severe side effects per 100K people. The side effects are often extremely debilitating like autoimmune diseases, sudden menopause in your teens, increased cancers, and death.


Healthcare is an industry. As in any business, the top priority is profit. Your children are a commodity. The vaccine industry is highly profitable with complete immunity from prosecution and zero liability. Even government agencies receive proceeds from Gardasil sales so it is in their interest to recommend these injections.

Most of us are not aware of big business collusion and its links with education. If you have the government mandating a product, this is the very definition of crony capitalism. And what is being mandated is a product, not healthcare.


On one hand are the powerful institutions propped up by profits and on the other are the victims struggling with injuries. And then there are the rest of us who are largely unaware of the fight until we are forced to be.


Questions about mandating this vaccine are being asked. So what can you do? Find your community. Find a place where you feel safe and can ask questions and empower yourself with good information. Go to websites that inform like, or


The bill has been modified twice. The first modification changed the requirement age from 12 years old to only being required for college students. That was then modified to the Gardasil shot being recommended but not required. Even in this third incarnation, there is the implication that it is required, and no provision that requires mentioning that it is not mandatory. With the current wording, it is misleading and would make people believe it is necessary for school attendance.


Protect your children. Don’t line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies, politicians and government agencies at the expense of your children.


Think objectively and protect your children from being pawns for profits.





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