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Troubling Bills from Assembly Member Laurie Davies of the 74th

Let Laurie know your Concerns

Updated April 4, 2023

Assembly member Davies has introduced a problematic bill, AB 2030.  Authored by Republican Assemblywoman Laurie Davies, AB 2030 proposes giving preferential treatment to California’s small businesses in state contracting awards. While small businesses are the foundation of our country, this bill appears to favor select groups over others.  Specifically, contracts would be awarded to “an LGBT business enterprise, a minority business enterprise, or a women business enterprise.” Certainly this must violate Prop 209, passed in  1996 which prohibits state governmental institutions from considering racesex, or ethnicity, specifically in the areas of public employment, public contracting, and public education.  

In her January newsletter, Assembly Member Davies states that she introduced AB 1922 and AB 1923.  Both Bills promote the globalist agenda narrative of carbon dioxide sourced climate change and both increase government control, spending and power. 


AB 1922 is educating youth for jobs in the green energy field.  Providing job skills is essential but not so while promoting the faulty scientific claim of CO2 induced climate change.  If we have learned only one thing in the past four years, it is that all scientists who are paid agree with those who fund them.   If they don't agree, they are criticized, banished and never receive another penny ever again. 


AB 1923 would provide government assistance for small businesses to meet the costly green agenda infrastructure requirements.  As was stated last year at the Climate Action Summit, there is zero evidence that any of the climate action measures that are proposed will have an effect on climate.  The only guaranteed effect is an entirely new infrastructure for the profiteers at the expense of you and me.

Ms. Davies' phone number is 760-433-7400 in Oceanside or

916-319-2074 in Sacramento.

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