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3 California Republicans Vote for Kill Switch

Section 24220 of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Federal Legislation - to remove section 24220

Authored by US Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) 


Specifically, Section 24220 of the bill directs the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to develop rules that would require new cars to be equipped with technology that "passively monitors the performance of a driver," identifies whether they may be impaired and prevents or limits motor vehicle operation "if an impairment is detected."  This will lead to increased accidents as well as loss of autonomy and privacy.  Removal of this section would have halted government control and overreach in your vehicle.  19 "Republicans voted to keep this section and so it remains.  3 California "Republicans" voted for government overreach. 




H.Amdt. 641 (Massie) to H.R. 4820: To prohibit funds from being used to implement Sec. 24220 of the IIJA, which mandates that new vehicles include a kill switch to monitor diver performance and prevent vehicle operation.

This did not pass.  Voting against increased government control, inside vehicle air and behavior monitoring and a kill switch to stop vehicle operation.  19 Republicans voted Here is a second video that lists the 19 Republicans who voted to keep the kill-switch. (I think we should also complain to Levin in this district. Democrat or not, he needs to know this is bad.) The video just shows a picture of the 19, but in California there are three: Mike Garcia (CA-27), Kevin Kiley (CA-03), and Young Kim (CA-40). There names and pictures are in this video, along with all the others.


I forgot to add, for reference the Kill Switch is Section 24220 of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. That legislation is 1,100 pages long, and per the videos, Congress doesn't even know what is in the law! Here is a thought to add to the NextDoor post: As Nancy Pelosi famously said about the American Care Act (ACA=Obamacare) that was thousands of pages long... " We have to pass it to see what's in it!" This means that Congress is too lazy to read the laws that it passes and are actually written by lobbyists, and we must wait for the for-profit attorneys to parse the law for profits by suing to know what the political class has foisted onto the American People. How pathetic and negligent! This needs to change. Term limits and forcing Congress to be subject to the laws it passes onto the rest of us is badly needed. We should also insist that Congress must WRITE the laws, as stated in Article I of the U.S. Constitution. That is their sole job- to write laws. They should be prohibited from outsourcing this to lobbyists.

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