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Welcome to your very own information and resource center; "A beacon of light in rough political seas." 

Hey, it's hard to keep up with local politics. Through this site, we'll break down what's going on and suggest easy ways you can affect positive change.

Know more. Speak Up. Live better. 

Politics - Either you have a seat at the table or you're on the menu.


We're a moderate group of North County residents from all walks of life. We believe that a silent majority of our neighbors appreciate fair and common sense policies that don't punish our already overtaxed citizens.
Our mission is to inform you of upcoming developments and provide ways for you to advocate for policies that benefits us all.  

Let's celebrate our shared interests and have some fun along the way.  We're relying on your feedback to help us develop riveting content for this site. 
Scroll down to submit your suggestions. 

Welcome Aboard!

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SDNCNA is a division of NCSDRA -
A Charter of the California Republican Assembly

The Republican brand has been lost and not defended by politicians.   We stand for common sense, family, law and order, empowerment, self determination, and a moral compass that guides daily lives.  Our common bond is love for HUMANITY.

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