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The United States Department of Agriculture has approved the first-ever vaccine for honeybees to prevent American foulbrood disease, a fatal bacterial disease that can destroy honeybee colonies.  

Is this a viable solution or a dangerous


Lately there’s been serious concern about our honey bee population. Why should you care? This busy little insect pollinates 30% of our food supply, serving as a vital part of our existence on earth.  


Unfortunately, several factors are threatening our Honey Bee Colonies and the critical operations they perform.


  1. Pesticides: Herbicides damage gut function and destroy a bee’s ability to process food and fight infections.

  2. The Bee grub we feed them is a combination of corn syrup and processed sugars, which at the very least, weakens their immunity

  3. Habitat and Pollution are compounding the problem


Enter Dalan Animal Health (est 2019) with a novel bee vaccine composed of dead bacteria, corn syrup and powdered sugar. In January of this year, the USDA approved its’ use on the queen bees of colonies.  Well, God save them!  Targeting the ovaries of the queen bee could permanently wipe out all generations of honey bees.  Alarms have been raised because the bees vaccinated in the study were only monitored for 12 days. No long term effects were determined as the colonies were destroyed after 3 months.


This relatively untested vaccine begs the question: Is the cure worse than the disease?  Better farming and feeding practices are two safe ways to mitigate AFB bacteria damage in bee colonies.  Why not try a holistic approach before administering an irreversible genetically altering vaccine?


C’mon USDA, don’t be a buzz kill!  


Long Live the Queen Bee!

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