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Here you'll find action items you can do to make a difference in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista and in San Diego County.   Everything from clicking a button, sending emails to more hands-on involvement.   There is something for every ability.  You make the difference.


Our strength comes from working together.

What can I do?

Something for Everyone

There are many action items each of us can do.  We've created action levels 1-4 so you can find something that fits your comfort level.

Action Level 1:  Click a button and you're done.

Action Level 2: Send an email or letter.  Make a phone call.  Volunteer with mailings.  Get together with like-minded people.

Action Level 3: Attend and support others at government meetings.  Pass out fliers.

Action Level 4: Speak at City Council, School Board, Board of Supervisor's meetings.  Help at a booth.  Door knocking.  Get involved with a city committee.


Dollar Bill in Jar

Leaders and Bankers want a Centralized Digital Currency.  Cash is the solution.

Level 1

Communism how to 3_edited.jpg

 Listen to Trevor Loudin on Marxist and Communist actors in US government (2/9/2024)

Level 1

WHO screenshot_edited.jpg

Contact Officials

The WHO Treaty and International Health Regulations will remove national sovereignty.  Email or Phone.

Level 2

Kids Blowing Bubbles

California Schools are trampling on Parental Rights.  Sign n send.  Level 1

Travel Apps

So much happens every day.  Share what you know with others.

Level 2

Thinking Man on Couch_edited.jpg

Help Others Engage COMING SOON

Frustrated Feeling Helpless

Many people feel alone, frustrated and hopeless.  We have answers. Reach out to them.

Level 3

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

Join thousands of others and sign the Declaration of Military Accountability

Level 1

Watching a Movie

We'll put up an new movie about current topics each week.  Educate and Share.

Level 1


Inform Professionals COMING SOON

Share Documents

Educate Sheriffs, Doctors, Officials about Informed Consent

Level 2

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